Our sustainable office

At LiveLogic we’re lucky to enjoy the beautiful and picturesque surroundings of Castle Ashby while working at our Northamptonshire based office.

During the summer months, we enjoy our lunches in the garden, take regular walks, and even and occasionally power through the odd run. This helps maintain our productivity and well being.

However, during the winter months, this historic village really comes into its own, and is pushing at the forefront of sustainability.

Our office; along with all 73 commercial and residential dwellings based in Castle Ashby benefits from a sustainable district heating network.

The old milk parlour now contains a centralised biomass fuelled system that acts as the “Energy Centre”.

The “Energy Centre” contains the heart of the sustainable heating system in two Pyrot biomass boilers, a unique top loader fuel storage and transfer system and two 10,000 litre buffer vessels.

Hot water from the boilers is pumped into two 10,000 litre storage tanks and distributed across three independent heating circuits throughout the village, via highly insulated underground pipes.

Each Castle Ashby property (including our office) has replaced its previous heating system with a heat interface unit, which records the energy used, allowing for effective monitoring of the district heating scheme.

The removal of these individual systems means that 68 boilers dispersed throughout the village, have now been replaced by two centrally located biomass boilers.

Overall the district heating system produces more than 2,500,000 kWh of heat per year for the village, resulting in a saving of 625 tonnes of carbon per annum.

We love our office, and we’re proud to be doing our bit for sustainability.