The Web and The Environment

The internet and the WWW undoubtedly has a positive effect on the world. It also helps to address some environmental issues by enabling people to reduce travel and work remotely. 

However, there are things we can do when using our devices and the web to minimise the impact we have. Here are 3 tips to help reduce our environmental impact.

1. Unsubscribe

How many emails do we receive in a day that we don’t read? People get 100’s of emails a month from mailing lists that they may have used once. 

Each time one of those emails is sent energy is used, by both the company sending that email and you receiving it. If we all unsubscribed to mailing lists we didn’t need to be part of, it would dramatically reduce energy usage across the world.

2. Uninstall

Every day people install apps on their mobile phones and desktops, however, unless you start running out of space on your device do you remove the apps you don’t use?

Apps that you don’t use could still be running processing in the background on your device and using up space in the cloud for any backups you have set up.

You can reduce the impact you have on the environment by uninstalling apps and also encouraging others to do so.

wind turbines

3. Delete

So many people have images on their phones that they don’t need, where they have accidentally taken a screenshot or 10 variants of the same photo when trying to take the perfect shot.

Most mobile devices have automatic backups that upload photos and files to the cloud onto servers. This could potentially be millions or even billions of photos that are taking up space and using energy at data centres across the world.

These 3 tips have a minimal impact if you do it on your own, but if you can educate people you work with, friends and family, it could make a massive difference in the energy used.

Where possible LiveLogic uses servers and services that use renewable energy sources, to try to limit the environmental impact of the systems we provide to our clients.

By removing unwanted images and files you will reduce the space and energy you are using.