Simple Security Tips

Cyber Security is a massive and complex subject, however as an individual you can make some simple changes to your day to day behaviours to help keep you more secure. 

1. Use secure passwords and a password management tools

It may seem obvious to say have secure passwords, but many people still use passwords that could be deemed as insecure.  As a business no matter how small, try to implement a password policy to ensure that people set secure passwords. As an individual make the most of services like Bitwarden or LastPass. These allow you to securely store login details that can be easily accessed, along with giving you the ability to generate secure passwords that the services will fill in for you. 

2. Keep Software up to date

We all do it. It is so easy to click delay updates and leave them ready to install for weeks. However installing updated to your devices and software allows for important security patches to be added. So where possible keep updating that software and have auto updates switched on.

3. Check your links

Before you click on any link that is sent to you, check that it looks genuine. So if you get a link from someone claiming to be a from that bank, check that the web address matches the one for the bank it is claiming to be from. Also if you get a dodgy link sent to you, report it to the company it is claiming to be.

4. Check the sender

A good way to spot a Phishing scam is to check the email address that the email has been sent with. Scammers with make it look like the email address it genuine, but it is important to check the address. You can do this in most email providers by clicking on the email address at the top of an email.


5. Locking your device

When you are away from your machine/device is is important that you lock it.This can stop anyone getting hold of important information. Where possible make sure you time you machine/device to auto lock after a short period of time.